In this privacystatement BOUJÉE Clothing declares which personal data is collected and for which purpose they serve. This privacystatement will also point out which risks, rights, obligations and protection are in connection with the processing of your personal data. Finally, BOUJÉE Clothing clarifies in which way the rights connected to processing are exercised. 

1. Identity and contact details

BOUJÉE Clothing Partnership
Broekhin Zuid 57
6042 EB Roermond, The Netherlands 

Phone number*: +31642651520

Questions about privacy matters can be asked through these contact details.
*Also reachable through Whatsapp. 

2. Data processing

BOUJÉE Clothing processes privacy-sensitive data. This means all use of your personal data as adjusting, saving, sending or deleting. BOUJÉE Clothing will use this data for the execution of its services. You can think of processing your order, execute agreements, management information, product- and service development, analyses and fulfilling legal requirements. 

3. Data collection

The following data is collected by BOUJÉE Clothing: 

  • Name, address and residence 
  • Gender 
  • Birthdate and age 
  • Contact data (e-mail, phone number etc.) 
  • Location data  
  • Login data 
  • Payment data 
  • Detailed (technical) data about the use of our services, website and social media (device type and properties, browser type and language, date and time of the interaction and IP address) 
  • Information about interests 

BOUJÉE Clothing will not always use this data. The data that is used depends on the purpose.  

BOUJÉE Clothing does not process personal data in connection to ethnic origin, race, political preferences, religion, sexual orientation or criminal data. The company only uses personal data that is provided by the customers to BOUJÉE Clothing. 

This also includes the registration for the newsletter. The e-mail addresses are added to the e-mail list if the customer has given explicit permission. At any time the customer is able to sign out for the newsletter. 

BOUJÉE Clothing never processes data for purposes other than for which the data was provided. However, if the personal data will be used for other purposes than explicit permission will be asked beforehand.

4. Source of data acquisition

BOUJÉE Clothing requests the data at the customer, and the customer provides data out of their own will. For certain services that BOUJÉE Clothing offers personal data is necessary to execute certain services. Besides that there are data that BOUJÉE Clothing automatically obtains, for example the data about which device the customer uses. BOUJÉE Clothing obtain these data through cookies or comparable techniques. 

5. Purposes of data processing

BOUJÉE Clothing uses your data for the following purposes: 

  • To offer and operate services and products of BOUJÉE Clothing 
  • Execution of agreements  
  • Execution of analyses 
  • Fulfillment of legal obligations  

6. Permission

BOUJÉE Clothing will only process personal data in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). If the data is collected through explicit permission than you always remain the right to undo.  

7. Data processing necessary for execution of the agreement

BOUJÉE Clothing can process your data if it is necessary to fulfill the agreement. With a lack of personal data it may be possible that BOUJÉE Clothing cannot deliver their services or goods. Data that is necessary to fulfill the agreement are: 

  • Name, address and residence 
  • Payment data 
  • Billing address 
  • Location data 

More data could be necessary, depending on the type of agreement. 

8. Data processing for statutory duty

Statutory duty could also be a reason for data processing. BOUJÉE Clothing is obligated by the tax authorities to collect and save all payment data for 7 years. BOUJÉE Clothing will save these data no longer than the statutory duty. Personal data concerning administration and finance will be saved for 7 years, and all other data will be saved for 5 years. This duration could be extended depending the agreement. 

9. Data processing concerning legitimate interest

As exception, BOUJÉE Clothing can process data if the company, or a third party, has a legitimate interest. This could be a business interest. In such matter, BOUJÉE Clothing will always consider the interest in relation to your privacy. As mentioned, BOUJÉE Clothing will only use this as an exception and will always try to use one of the foundations mentioned before.

10. Receivers of the personal data

Your personal data will only be received and used by BOUJÉE Clothing. BOUJÉE Clothing will not share this data with third parties, unless it is mandatory on the basis of law or jurisdiction. 

11. Cookies

The website uses cookies. These are divided in analytical, functional and social cookies.  

Firstly, analytical cookies will be used for collecting and analyzing statistics of the website and advertisements. Secondly, the functional cookies will be collected to advance the workability of the website. Finally, the social cookies will be collected for the possibility to comment of react.  

By making use of our services and to visit our website you will automatically give permission for placing cookies and read out on the website. Your permission will remain valid until the end of the agreement.

12. Profiling

BOUJÉE Clothing could make use of profiling. Personal data will be collected, analyzed and combined with the purpose to classify you in a category. If we have more information about your interests, we can offer more focused content and products. 

Profiling can affect your privacy. This could have several causes; for example, wrong or outdated data. If this is the case, please contact us through BOUJÉE Clothing will take appropriate measures. 

13. Complaint

The General Data Protection Regulation gives you the right to submit a complaint at the authorities of personal data.

14. Security of personal data

BOUJÉE Clothing attaches great value to protect your privacy. Therefore, the company respects the rights and duties coherent to the General Data Protection Regulation. BOUJÉE Clothing will do everything possible to secure your personal data. Measurements are taken to prevent that somebody can have unauthorized excess to your personal data. Also you will have the right to oppose the processing of your personal data. 

15. Rights for the person involved

At all times you will have the right to obtain insight in your personal data. U can also request us to improve, add, delete or shield the personal data, if the data are incorrect, incomplete, irrelevant or in an other way contrary to a legal requirement.  

At all times you can send us a request too execute the above rights. Send an e-mail to, as complete as possible. BOUJÉE Clothing strives to react within four weeks.

16. Amendments

BOUJÉE Clothing maintains the right to amend this privacy statement one-sided at any given moment  for any reason.

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